Quality and environmental policy

The General Management of SMARTMIND, S. L. The key objective is to lead the field of training, education and research consulting through the management of alliances, and a determined strategy of development, geographical expansion and investment in qualified, involved and creative people that allow us to anticipate the needs and expectations of our clients and collaborators, guaranteeing the highest level of competitiveness, transparency, agilty and efficient management. As companies dedicated to training, we have a firm commitment to quality with our customers and the students who access our training content.

In addition, the General Management assumes the commitment to the protection of the Environment, including the prevention of pollution establishing as a premise that the best waste is that which is not created. We do this by avoiding the creation of waste and minimizing the impact that this may cause in the environment, integrating environmental management into our management system.

The general lines of action are:

  • Customer Focus. Quality management is focused on meeting the requirements of the client, as well as the students, and striving to exceed their expectations.

  • Leadership. The leaders of the organizations establish the unity of direction, and create conditions for the rest of the people involved in the achievement of the quality goals of the organization.

  • Staff involvement. A very important aspect for any organization is that the people who compose it are competent, empowered and involved in delivering value.

  • Process-based approach. The fact of understanding and managing activities as interrelated processes that make up a coherent system, makes it possible to obtain related and predictable results in a more effective and efficient way, acting permanently on present and future risks through process improvement plans.

  • Improvement. For an organization to achieve success, special emphasis must be placed on its efforts focused on improvement.

  • Evidence-based decision-making. Decisions that are made based on the analysis and evaluation of data and information have a greater probability of producing expected and desired results.

  • Relationship management. Managing relationships with stakeholders, such as suppliers, achieves sustained organizational success.

  • Implementation of practices that respect the Environment.

  • Establish respectful environmental management inall stages of the process.

  • Integrating risk-based thinking to determine factors that could cause deviations in the process and the management system over planned outcomes.

  • Assuming the commitments of continuous improvement and protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution, carrying out activities in a way that minimizes environmental impact and establishing goals that guarantee it.

  • Allocating the necessary resources to achieve the Environmental Management objectives defined by the organization.

  • Ensuring compliance with current and binding environmental legislation and other non-legal requirements that are applicable to the organization.

SMARTMIND, S. L. makes this Policy available to interested parties who desire it, in order to make them aware of the principles on which we rely.

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