Catalog of microlearning courses and content collections

Discover the power and design of our courses with microlearning methodology. It is, undoubtedly, the most used in large companies and presented in an attractive format of collections that guarantee the dynamics of permanent and adaptive learning.

This learning methodology has become the foundation for building and organizing all the contents within the courses and the SmartMind library.


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Why choose microlearning courses for your training?

Due to the large amount of information we receive in our day to day, our brain forgets almost 50 % of what we can learn in an hour, and 80% in a month if learning is not reinforced. For this reason, microlearning is a great option for corporate training.

Precisely, in Smartmind we have been betting for years on this new training style that, undoubtedly, aligns with our philosophy, and we provide a selection of microlearning courses that are part of our private elearning catalog . In addition, to facilitate its consumption for our customers, we have prepared a series of microlearning collections composed of several courses that can be taken together or separately. Here are some of the most outstanding ones:

But… Can all courses be adapted to the microlearning methodology? Learn what content is adapted to this new learning technique in the following post:

Aprendizaje y desarrollo (L&D)

El impacto de las Nuevas Tecnologías de la Comunicación y de la Información (NTIC) en la sociedad constituye, muy probablemente, el acontecimiento ...

Sandra Buzon

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