Tailor-made designs and e-learning courses for the Edtech ecosystem

Intelligent digital learning experiences that perfectly blend elegance and functionality with content and technology.


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Have you experienced the frustration of working with low quality elearning providers?

Smartmind is the alternative that breaks the mold of elearning content that doesn´t work for you.

Why do leading training companies choose Smartmind's content?

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We create great learning experiences through high quality designs and productions. These demos are assembled in SCORM with our own player, so you will have the same viewing experience you would have in your own platform.

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Personalized content and tailor-made designs

Digital learning content is the vessel that transports the challenges and knowledge that people and companies need to grow. The digitization of learning content, graphic and editorial design and specialized audiovisual production define the territory in which we work to create the best elearning content on a daily basis.

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Smart Digital®. LMS platforms and Educational Technology

We specialize in developing technologies that enable us to build captivating, sustainable, and scalable learning environments where individuals can immerse themselves in the finest digital learning experiences.

With our Smart Digital Model®, we accurately identify knowledge and competency gaps in individuals, allowing us to create personalized diagnoses that serve as the foundation for designing tailored learning content.

Our unlimited flat-rate learning platform offers a wide range of high-quality content, covering customer service, soft skills, and digital knowledge

SmartMind’s e-learning platforms utilize cutting-edge EdTech technology to ensure an exceptional learning experience, yielding optimal results for learners. Simultaneously, administrators benefit from advanced data models and a user-friendly backend, simplifying their tasks and enhancing usability. Our LXP and LMS platforms fully unleash their potential within the digital learning ecosystem, empowering learners to thrive in their educational journey.

Scorm course catalogues in license format

Training companies and HR departments of large companies utilize our courses to design their training plans. Find the courses that will help you transform your connection with your students and drive results.




The power of microlearning and new learning models

Microlearning is an effective learning approach that involves breaking down content into bite-sized learning units, enabling learners to retain key ideas and concepts. In our case, we create meticulously designed content with engaging narratives that foster deep connections with students, resulting in an intuitive and exceptional digital learning experience.

We collaborate with leading training and HR consulting firms and large companies.

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