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We design Digital Learning Experiences with the aim of transforming the EdTech ecosystem

Learning thrives when there is a sense of excitement and intellectual stimulation, presented within an engaging and well-structured journey that revolves around high-quality content. Within the EdTech ecosystem, content serves as the foundation of the learning experience. If the content falls short, the entire system suffers. That’s why we specialize in providing bespoke designs and comprehensive catalogs of e-learning courses that establish a strong rapport with students, leading to outstanding outcomes.


Nuestra misión siempre ha sido transformar el sector de a formación ofreciendo los mejores contenidos elearning a través de nuestros catálogos de cursos que son utilizados por las principales empresas especializadas en aprendizaje de trabajadores y empresas.

Smartmind ofrece tres tipos de catálogos elearning. El catálogo de especialidades formativas con más de 1.000 contenidos adaptados a los requisitos del SEPE, el catálogo elearning que recoge la formación más en tendencia del mercado y el catálogo de cursos microlearning.

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At the core of our model lies the digitization of learning content, combined with expert graphic and editorial design as well as specialized audiovisual production. This foundation is crafted to deliver e-learning content that ensures an exceptional learning experience. We design online courses and tailor-made learning content for large companies that entrust us with fundamental content in the development of their strategies.

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Our e-learning content adopts a primarily audiovisual approach. The narrative aspect of our content strives to establish a strong connection with students, ensuring optimal outcomes in their learning journey. With our in-house audiovisual production studio, SmartMind boasts a talented team of professionals dedicated to exploring innovative formats and crafting quality content for the EdTech ecosystem.

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The SmartMind Group owns TalentoDigital.net, a portal specialized in educational marketing, recruitment and training for companies. If you need help recruiting students for the different state and regional calls or in other training initiatives.

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Smart Digital is a registered trademark owned by the SmartMind Group, specializing in technological innovations for the EdTech ecosystem. The Smart Digital Model is an intelligent system that effectively diagnoses knowledge and skills gaps. Powered by an advanced AI engine, it has the capability to design personalized training itineraries. Core SmartMind is our unlimited learning platform that offers exceptional experiences and delivers outstanding results.

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Smart LXP, our Learning Experience Platform (LXP), has gained widespread acclaim for its user-friendly interface, elegant design, and seamless usability. It excels in creating remarkable learning experiences by seamlessly integrating with SmartMind’s e-learning and audiovisual content. Would you like to learn more?

Core SmartMind is our comprehensive unlimited learning platform designed for companies and professionals. It brings together multiple thematic schools, incorporates diagnostics with SDM (Smart Digital Model), and offers personalized learning itineraries. With Core SmartMind, you can nurture and foster the development of the top talent within your organization, promoting their growth and success. Meet Core SmartMind

About Us

What is our identity, how did we get our start, and what does the future hold for us?

In late 2012, we established SmartMind with a vision to revolutionize traditional training models by creating exceptional e-learning content. Prior to that, we had already undertaken numerous successful and groundbreaking projects within the market. However, we recognized that these accomplishments were merely the initial stages of a larger transformation that was taking shape around the concept of EdTech.

It was necessary to carry out much more complex productions, building models capable of scaling the development of e-learning courses in creative and technological environments that truly connected with the new digital learner. We wanted to lead a new generation of companies empowered to challenge the outdated, ineffective, and monotonous norms. in an industry characterized by fragmentation and a lack of effective digital learning experiences.

Meaningful learning occurs when there is a sense of excitement and intellectual stimulation, presented within an appealing and well-structured framework that encompasses high-quality content. Within the EdTech ecosystem, content serves as the foundation of the learning experience. If the content fails to meet the mark, the entire system suffers as a result. We specialize in providing customized designs and comprehensive catalogs of e-learning courses that establish a strong connection with students, leading to exceptional outcomes and achievements.


Our expertise lies in developing intuitive, user-friendly, and elegant EdTech products

We recognize that modern-day students are more likely to connect with content that aligns with their interests, speaks their language, and meets their expectations. We are currently in the midst of a profound transformation in learning models, and it is imperative that we make a significant contribution in creating exciting and effective results. In an era of boundless, freely accessible, and ever-present content, we find ourselves in competition for the attention of our students. Training methodologies must evolve and adapt by offering learning experiences that match the quality and engagement found in the entertainment industry.

Culture and values

A culture that guides our transformative style.

Our vision was to create a company that instills a sense of pride, where individuals are inspired to work and grow professionally. Our goal was to revolutionize the training sector, and we recognized that achieving this required embracing four fundamental principles centered around the creation of experimental models and environments that would empower individuals to unleash their creativity to develop the very best EdTech products.

The key to our cultureis the essence of our work and the connection to what truly matters. From the very beginning and in every single day, these ideas have been deeply ingrained in every aspect of SmartMind and any of us can readily articulate and expand upon each of them.

Intelligence to simplify

Things happen here

A balance between beauty and function

Your work always speaks for you

Our brands

Our group of companies operate under the following brands:


And most importantly, the people and teams that help SmartMind grow every day

Presently, our team consists of over 75 skilled professionals in various fields, including technology, content creation, training, design, and audiovisual production. We are unified by a shared objective of developing exceptional EdTech products and guided by a company culture that revolves around experimentation and the pursuit of new avenues.


Writers and Authors are included


Graphics, editorials, and UX/UI

Audiovisual production

We are equipped with our own recording studios, a team of talented producers, and skilled motion graphics artists.


Linked to Custom Technological Developments


Continuous training projects

Marketing & Customers

Customer success

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